What we do

Eposure has been conceived as a portfolio site with a big difference. Firstly, we are a business which is exclusively for commercial photography professionals in UK, (and by that we mean photographers, stylists, re-touchers and art directors), and secondly, we have a real ambition to use this site and its members, as a vehicle to raise the profile of commercial photography and connect with the buying community – which means encouraging buyers to connect directly with our members.

Because we are not just a website, the founders Tim & Gabrielle also take a proactive role in speaking to the UK’s advertising & marketing community, to challenge businesses to place a higher value on the photography they commission.

We promote the industry through PR and the blog that you will find on this site. Eposure are members of the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), and will be spreading the word amongst influential people in the advertising sector.

You’ll also find us supporting other photographic events and organisations. We’ll publish what we are getting up to on our blog and are working on some great projects for getting people talking about commercial photography.

We always want to hear from our members and the broader commercial photography community. So if there’s something you want us to raise, promote, or get involved with, please email Tim:  (tim@eposure.com)

Join us now!

The site launches very soon, but if you register now you can try us out free for a month and also qualify for a special launch rate which will be £9.95 per month. This rate will only be available for the first 30 days after the site goes live. To register, please go to www.eposure.com


About eposure’s founders

Tim Bilsborough

Tim brings a wealth of experience in photography production and, during his 20 year career he’s worked with and consulted in some of the biggest studios in the UK, in both independent production facilities and clients’ in-house studios. He’s worked with hundreds of photographic professionals in his career and also with leading brands such as Tesco, B&Q, John Lewis and DFS

Having spent a very long period of time working closely with both the photography community and clients, he has direct experience of the erosion of appreciation for the talents photography professionals bring.

“Eposure gives us a fantastic platform to actively get out there to promote and champion the use of commercial photography professionals. Experience and know-how is never lost, it keeps growing. And there’s a huge community of very talented individuals who can make a marked difference to businesses”

Gabrielle O’Hare

Gabrielle has worked in the advertising industry for over 18 years, at a senior level in leading NW agencies and with many of the UK’s biggest retail brands. She has expert knowledge of all advertising and marketing channels, in both digital and traditional formats and work across many business sectors.

She’s specialised in developing strategies that emphasise using photography to help clients achieve business targets.

“Marketing activity and campaigns performance is constantly scrutinised and measured. But the impact of high standards of photography often isn’t understood. Photography is increasingly becoming a cost commodity with little or no understanding of the value that investing in this skillset will bring to a business’s performance or perception by its customers”.