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Our brand new site for commercial photography in at on, and this will be the new home of our blog. We have lots of new posts in the pipeline which we’d love you to read, so please check them out there!

Thanks to all our followers on this photographic hub, and the people who have taken the time to add comments on our posts on this site.

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Spreading the word!

This week, eposure’s Tim and Gabrielle have joined the DMA. We’ve joined because the DMA has more than 800 members across the UK, including ad agencies and blue-chip corporations such as BT, M&S, The Co-operative and Next; so this gives us a great forum to promote commercial photography to an influential and senior level audience.

Our plan is to be high profile members, attending and speaking at as many events as they will let us! We’ll use our blog and the new site to keep our own members and followers up to date with what we get up to, and will also release any presentations that we make to the DMA membership.

For more information about Eposure please visit our homepage

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Announcing the new name for Photohub – Eposure

Welcome to Eposure!

You might be wondering why we haven’t stuck with Photohub?

Photohub was the working name for the early stages of our project, but it was one that we always knew we wouldn’t keep.

What hasn’t changed is the concept behind Eposure, a web-based network designed for commercial photography professionals; and by that we mean photographers, stylists, re-touchers and art directors. The site will be heavily targeted and promoted towards buyers of these services, so that they can easily and effectively search for the people who offer these services, and contact them directly.

The site design and build is well underway and we are on target to launch at the end of April.

Thanks for your interest and we’ll keep you up to date with all the news as it happens.

Tim & Gabrielle

The Eposure team

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